My Microelectronics Study at the FH-FD
From 1998 to I studied in the course Microelectronics at the University of applied science Düsseldorf (FH-D), . My study began with the base study together with the electrician engineers at the location in Düsseldorf Golzheim, but now I'am at the main study at the microelectronics location in Neuss Hammfeld. Here we have a very good atmosphere between profs and students, because here were nether more then ten students in any lecture.

In the base Study the most subjects are boring fundamental electric lessons, this subjects was, aside from mathematics, very easy. This subjects was:

-Mathematics Prof. Kraft
Mathematics was really hard, I must learnt very much. But because the good script of Prof. Kraft, I pass this both exams directly.

-Physics Prof. Prochotta
The physik exam of physiks cost me exact one weekend(without pause) of my time, but it was enought to wrote 2nd best exam, and that although Prof. Prochotta didn't wont give me the admit.

-Fundamental electric technology Prof. Zeise, Prof. Witte, Prof. Saure
For that, that I was rarely in the lectures, were the exams really good. But this exam is not really difficult, because the Profs. makes it from term to term easier to pass the exam. Additional explained Prof. Zeise the question before the exam, so it isn't necessary to learn to much.

-Fundamental information technology Prof. Schnell
The only subject, for that I've done absolutely nothing! OK, I've learnt that all in my practical training as communication electrician before my study.

-Fundamental electronics Prof. Lauffs Prof. Ranke Prof. Prochotta
This subject was more difficult then I thought, especially the exam part of Prof. Lauff wasn't easy. But his lecture about electronic components was one of the best I've heard in my study.
The absolutely opposite was the lecture of Prof. Kellner, I never heard a lecture so bad like this. Because that I decide to write this exam part by Prof. Ranke.
The part of material science part of Prof. Prochotta was good to learn, after I know that his Script was a copied from the book written by Askeland.

-Economics and Law Prof. Klinkenberg
In this lecture we had a lot of fun. Prof Klinkenberg is really cool, but nevertheless ambitious.

-Management Team Management
About this subject couldn't I say anything, because I wrote it one term before the lecture and pass this exam. As result I decide to don't hear this lecture.

-Technical English Doz. Kellner
The same as Management: Wrote the exam, pass the exam, and never heard the lecture.

Optional subject:

-Atomic Physics Prof. Kraft (Prof. Prochotta)
Atomic Physics begun really interesting with Prof. Kraft, but Prof. Kraft was taken ill, and Prof. Prochotta must continue the lecture.

The subjects in the main study were:

-Microelectronics Prof. Schnitker
That was the last subject about basic knowledge, important to understand the interesting subjects but very boring.

-Sensors/Actors/Circuits Prof. Scheubel
Prof. Scheubel showed us any kind of Sensors, not classic microelectronics but I had no choice, I must heard it.

-Packaging Prof. Elsner
Prof. Elsner explained us the packaging in the complete banwidth, from the mainframe computers in the 70thies over wirebonding to the flip-chip. Unfortunately this lecture wasn't well structured, and in the exam we has to write down many unimportant details that.

-Micro-Technologies Doz. Vogt
Doz. Vogt is an employedas process engineer at the Fraunhofer-Institut Duisburg, and is there responsible for process development and production for many microelectronic circuits & microsystems. Because that he can explain every detailed question with a practical example. It was a very interesting lecture with an adequate exam.

-CAD/CAE for microelectronics Prof. Lackmann
Digital Design (VHDL, Logiksynthese)
Analog Design & Layout

-Circuits and Systems Prof. Pogatzki
Very ambitious subject about circuits and system in high frequency telecommunication systems. Great script, and a good lecture.

-Practical training in microelectronics Prof. Lackmann Prof. Scheubel Prof. Schnitker

-Optional subjects:

-Practical training WPF5 Prof. Elsner Prof. Lackmann Prof. Prüfer Prof. Scheubel Prof. Schnitker

-Testing of integrated Circuits Prof. Lackmann

-Integrated Layer Technologies Prof. Schnitker

-Transmission systems Prof. Franz

-EMV at Sensors Prof. Scheubel

-Project study in microelectronics Prof. Elsner

-Between this subjects I had an practical term in the industrial. I made it at the Product Testing department of the Development Center Düsseldorf from Infineon Technologies Prof. Lackmann

And the last part of my study was the diploma thesis!